Stop & Work Moirans

Stop & Work Moirans, REGUS GRENOBLE CENTR' ALP MOIRANS, 196 C rue du Rocher de Lorzier, Moirans Cedex, 38346

Tel: 805 98 27 14



In the heart of the Centr’Alp zone. With unparalleled access to major cities. Our Grenoble Pays Voironnais business centre is strategic and practical. An understated building on a large-scale business park. Right next to motorways for links to Lyon and Valence. Just north of Grenoble itself, the centre keeps you close to the high-tech firms the city is known for. But, away from the busy city centre, it’s a more practical alternative that’s remarkably easy to access. Convenient parking. For you and your clients. An internet connection you can count on. A simple yet sophisticated new building near Grenoble. Stay focused at this business park location. Business lounge access. Just drop in and work. Private meeting rooms. Made for business.

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  • Business Lounge
  • Co-work office or
    private space for the day
  • Meeting room
  • Co-work office resident
  • Private office resident
  • Virtual office

Business Lounge

A favourite for those constantly on the move! The Business World Gold program allows you to use our business lounge to catch up on work, check your emails and refresh yourself before that next appointment.

  • Access to the business lounge
  • Internet access
  • Unlimited hot drinks

Co-work office or private space for the day

This solution is perfect for mobile workers who from time to time need a comfortable workstation for the day (in co -work or closed). These spaces are accessible without reservation or integrated in the Business World Platinum program (co- work) or Platinum Plus (closed office) that gives allows you up to 5 or 10 days per month depending on your membership.

  • Access your office
  • Internet access
  • Unlimited hot drinks
  • Secure locker co-work

Meeting room

Get together easily with your team, your customers or your suppliers.

  • Access meeting or conference rooms
  • Hot and cold drinks
  • Overhead projector available
  • Flipcharts and stationary supplied

Co-work office resident

This is a private but open space where you can interact and chat with your neighbours. This solution promotes collaboration " co-work mode", where ideas are shared and contacts made. It is also a more economical solution than a closed office.

  • 24 hour, 7 days per week access to your desk
  • Internet access
  • Phone services tailored to you
  • Office services tailored to you
  • One bill each month

Private office resident

If you prefer more privacy you may choose a closed office, we offer solutions in different formats for 2 people or more.

  • Internet Solution / phone according to your needs
  • Office services according to your needs
  • One bill each month

Virtual office

To host your business, Stop & Work offers the following solutions:

  • Virtual Office (Telephone answering and mail handling)
  • Virtual Office Plus (Virtual Office + five days private office usage per month)
  • Personalised telephone answering (A dedicated telephone number, access to voicemail 24 / 24)